[Essay] The Knowledge Organization — looking for the most natural way to organize collective knowledge

@antoniokov, I wanted to resuscitate this post and get your input on this re: your guys’ approach to Hierarchy. You have mentioned in Twitter and in the Monthly updates that working on that view was on the short term roadmap, and it would really be great to get it soon as this continues to be a big pain point for me in adopting Fibery.

I am starting to build an approach around trying to both group sets of Entities, as I discussed above, as well as leverage your guys’ benefit of having the One-to-Many relation differentiated vs. just a “regular” many-to-many like in Notion, or arbitrary like in Jira, where you just link one issue to another.

I have thought that in a sense, when you build a One-to-Many, this is effectively a Parent-child hierarchy, although you are defining it as a “relation.” Given that you have no cross-Fibery concept of Folders or other ways to group, I have had to use this to do things like tag entities into business areas like Marketing, Sales, etc. that further break down. Task/Subtask is another mini-relation I have used to represent that typical hierarchy you’d see in other Work Management Systems.

If you take this approach though, you wind up with Entities that are acting as “Folders” in your structure. In many cases, if you are simply trying to group Entities, that seems like too much substance as you wind up creating a whole Type just to group Types “below” in your relation. Single-Select and Multi-Select seems better suited for this need, as they basically tag Entities around Fibery. And because of the ability to use the same such fields cross-App as discussed here: Cross Entity "Tags" via using Single Select and keeping names identical?, you can try to set up “groups” through all of Fibery.

However, in order for this type of Tagging to fully provide the Grouping capability that is omnipresent in a lot of Work Management tools that use a Space/Folder/SubFolder hierarchy, you’d need to be able to more naturally use this tagging capability. So I wanted to get your thoughts on things like:

  • A feature that would allow some way to see Single or Multi-Select views across all of Fibery, not just in one App?

  • Implementation of Dependent Drop-Downs so you could have a hierarchy of these Tags. This would allow for creation of a sort of sub-folder structure. Coda can do this via Formula Filters.

I think if we had more use of this existing cross-Fibery tagging, you would have within Fibery possibly the most flexible way for teams to handle the challenge of walking the line between using Top-down hierarchy to structure work, or relational flatter structures. This would get much more ability to use the tags where One-to-Many relations are not really suited.

And since we have all been chatting about this a lot of late, would love to hear from @Chr1sG @Oshyan on this if either of you still have the patience to weigh in again :wink:

Thanks and hope to hear from you on this!