Enhance UX on date fields

When clicking on a date field input box, the calendar appears to choose your date.
You can click on a day to select that date or manually input the date using the keyboard.
Actually to dismiss the date choosing dialog you have to left click somewhere outside the dialog or press the ESC key on the keyboard. This is slightly counterintuitive since the ESCape key is often (always?) associated to an “abort command” behaviour.
While the ESC keypress on the input date can be left as is, I think that the ENTER (RETURN) key should be added to implement a “Confirm my input and go on” behaviour fot those using keyboard to input commands. When the ENTER key is pressed the choose date dialog should be closed and the input should be confirmed.

I am also experiencing issues on date-range fields: Not sure if related to US vs. EU Day/Month order and or AM/PM vs. EU full 24h settings:

It can even lead to almost impossibility/inability to actually enter desired date and time especially when trying to have same start and end-date… and especially when trying to input deviating hours from full/half hour, but quarter/custom minutes.

It is a rather serious problem: No matter what I try, clicking in different orders between txt-day/month or the UI popups etc. or clicking outside, ESC, confirming with Enter… etc. Or attempting to “input” Raw TXT format… this time around after changing user settings to display dates in DD-MM-JJJJ Format + Euro Full-24H Format… it becomes basically impossible to set a specific date-range to same Start and End-Date.

It often seems to also switch to “Month” based on the Day-Input (potentially?) → Possibly indicating an issue between DD/MM vs. MM/DD orders in processing and logic?

This is a problem unfortunately. Running on Firefox atm. Not yet tested on Chrome etc.

I just tested: Indeed after changing formating for datetime in user preferences.
After switching to following format it suddenly works again:


vs. this user preference and datetime-format setting and probably many others… where the problem should be possible to be reproduced (for example):

as another test: this similar format but reversed month/day order… will once again not work for imput. probably the logic switches month vs. day and will therefore not allow user input to confirm input: as obviously on data validation the data is invalid. month and days… are switched.

2024-05-29 12_46_51-TODOs _ Fibery — Mozilla Firefox

Just retested once more and not able to reproduce: Maybe the whole situation arises from pop-up input being applicable via ESC, while raw-txt-input being able to be confirmed via “Enter”… even if hour-popup is currently open.

This is another counter-intuitive aspect. All in all I’m meanwhile somewhat confused - not even sure if there really is a DD/MM reversion and preference bug/cause at all.