Embedd Fibery link in Fibery document

Is it possible in a Fibery document to embedd a link that points to a Fibery entity on another workspace?
Because I have not succeeded in any way.

Even sharing the link with the “Share” feature.
It’s a shame, because in knowledge management creating information ecosystems in this way, interconnecting various workspaces is very useful.

You can link to an entity in another workspace if it is publicly shared, but only as a URL hyperlink, not as a Fibery-style mention.

I wanted it to be embedded into a document.

But what do you mean by ‘embed a link to an entity in a document’ (irrespective of whether the entity is in the same or a different workspace)?

At the moment, it is possible to embed views (tables, lists, boards etc.) but entities can only be mentioned (or linked to from a highlighted piece of text).

embedd as a web page

In that case, I think this is a duplicate of this: