Elements / sections in Document view are too "sticky"

Coming from using Notion you guys have done a fantastic job of capturing 90% of the most important features from there.

But the thing that’s driving me crazy and making it really tempting to go back to Notion for process documentation is how unintuitive it is to transition between various section-types (eg. plain text to quote, code to plain text, header section to image or plain text)

My cursor gets stuck inside code sections all the time. How do you switch from code back to plain text?

Why does using backspace on plain text empty line doesn’t delete that empty line (and shift content up) but instead makes it inherit the property of the section above? This happens with header sections too

Here is a video showing what I am talking about:

Just another place where the immaturity of Fibery’s UI is apparent :cry:

Thank you for the feedback! Some comments:

  1. You can exit code section by pressing Shift + Enter. It is not obvious, so we’ll check how to make it better.
  2. Problems with headers and quotes we’ll try to address.

The reason is that Prose Mirror component works this way and we use it for Fibery.


A quick fix could be to add a hint text similar to the “Type / for commands”?

Nice idea. It’s done

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