Duplicating databases

Would be nice to be able to duplicate a database with a simple click, maybe listed under “Move database to another space” instead of using the workaround described here.

With or without the data?
What’s the underlying need?

Without the data in my use case. I want to use the existing database as a template for a new database.

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Is that because the new database needs to have a lot of the same fields?
How similar are they? If a lot, then perhaps you don’t need two dbs, just one db with suitable filtered views…

Fair enough. I think you’re probably right that in most cases, if you need most of the same fields, you should probably just do a filtered view of the existing db. I’ll update this thread if I come across a more compelling use case for this/if others have their own compelling use cases

Hi @ChrisG, wondering if you have a solution for me. I have a use case for duplicating DBs.
I need the following:

Quote Line Item

Purchase order
Purchase Order Line Item

Bill Line Item

I’ve created the Bill and bill line Item DBs and want to duplicate for quotes and POs.

These items have a lot of detail and relations (tax code, chart of account, supplier info ect)

I suppose I need to manually recreated everything twice? Would this be a use case for DB duplication?


It’s not pretty, but the easiest way to clone databases in a workspace is as follows:

Share the Space that contains the databases as a template.
Copy the sharing link to the clipboard.
Rename the space to something random (e.g. just add an X to the space name)
Paste the sharing link into the browser and choose to import into the source workspace.
Now you will have two spaces (the original, now named BlahX and the new one, named Blah).

Of course, my natural question would be why you want to have the same db twice within a workspace?