Merging a number of databases

I have setup a space where I have a number of databases to represent some types in our project. On 2nd thoughts I’d like to merge these into one DB. The initial idea is simple, export all the seperate DB’s into CSV’s , combine offline and reimport as a new DB. Problem is there are some entities with Descriptions and/or comments that I’d like to keep. I suspect I might need to make an automation or button to check over the original DB’s and copy that data, any chance anyone can help with an example?

Hi, why not just convert entities from DB1 to DB2?

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Hmm yeah that kind of works I had a go and was not able to get all fields to covert even if I created the new field in the new DB I have pretty much done it all manually now :frowning:

In order to convert, the destination db needs to have the same fields, i.e. same name, and of the same type.
Do you have some examples of fields that did not convert correctly?