June 20, 2024 / 🍻 Merge one (or many) entities into one

Merge one (or many) entities into one

Now you can merge two or more entities from the same database into one entity.Merge helps to handle duplicates fast without losing valuable information.

2024-06-20 10.01.24

Some things you need to know:

  • You can select several entities in Table View and merge them into one. Or you can find Merge into command in any entity view … top right menu.
  • All fields and all collections are merged. For example, if you have some project with 10 tasks and another project with 12 tasks, you will have a project with 22 tasks after the merge. If some field in a target entity is not empty, it will not change.
  • :rotating_light: Inline comments in rich text fields in source entity will be lost. If you have references that point to source entity, they also will be lost.

Check Merge action user guide to dig into more details.

Help menu moved to the left

We’ve moved help menu from the bottom right corner to the bottom left corner, because we can.

Select layout when you drop many cards on a whiteboard

Now, when you want to add multiple cards with relationships to the whiteboard, you can choose between Vertical or Horizontal auto-layout and save some time.

:shrimp: Fixed Bugs

  • Selected Fields are not shown at the top for columns/rows/lanes
  • When set the relationfield to compact and put it at the top, some menu’s overlap
  • Inbox: ‘unread’ bell icon stays for a long time (>10s) after moving all the notifications to done
  • Broken functionality: display comments in panel even if Comments field is hidden
  • Links in notifications don’t work for documents and whiteboards
  • Error was for non-admin, when calculating possibility to delete field, which is lookup and lookup “Field” is highlight
  • Whiteboard: mini-map gets open after web-socket reconnect
  • Whiteboard: copy-pasted text stuck in default Text values
  • Pro hint is displayed even when automatic access is off

Beautiful updates as always! I tried out the merge but am getting this error:

Route POST:/api/entity-merger/merge not found

I’ll play around with it when it’s fixed, but my immediate reaction is that its quite unintuitive, at the end of the day, I assume this is to deal with duplicates, but the fact that the system decides which fields will be overwritten and which will not is not ideal (checkbox). Also that I need to merge the old one with the new one to preserve the fields of the new one, is inuitive by language “Merge into” but can be wrongly done quickly. What if I want some fields from one, and some fields from the other? I personally used Airtable’s Dedupe tool and that is an absolute breeze to deal with duplicate entities. Maybe it would be a bit more to make, and more UI additions.

All this being said, all these extra default actions are nice, but I see value in maybe building them in a way that users can recreate and edit in the Actions window. “Default Actions” which can be toggleable (and ideally edited, either with script or no-code) would be amazing. I love that highlights was built on top of fibery, and it would be great if these actions were as well.

Keep up the amazing work!!

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Sorry, it is fixed now.

We will collect feedback about it. Based on requests we had it is not clear whether this is needed. We’ll see!


Just thought of another thing! Is it possible to add merging to automations? My use case:
After submitting a form, if email already exists, merge the old entity into the new one. Is this possible? Is merging available within scripting?


We had this in mind and Merge is a separate service that can be accessible via scripts. However, we did not do that yet, since a developer went to a vacation. I hope we will get back to it soon.


So… the Blocks project is not dead? :grin:

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Thank you for fixing!

Merge feature is cool but we’d only really use it in automations so hopefully that comes soon.

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Pretty dead, but we tried to squeeze something from prosemirror :slight_smile:

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Can you provide your use cases here? We are collecting them to make it right

When someone fills out a web form anywhere, we add the information the form captured into a “Submission” database in Fibery via some code in GTM. Sometimes someone will accidentally submit a form multiple times, or the GTM script will fire more than once, resulting in multiple submissions with essentially the same information. I’d like to merge those multiple submissions into a single submission.

Currently we just keep all submissions and have another database called “Leads” setup as a 1 to many relationship. It basically acts as the control to ensure someone with 3 submissions is only ever counted as 1 lead. If we could automatically merge submissions easily and accurately, it would likely remove the need for our lead database.


Not sure which week you added the drag alignment to whiteboard, but I just discovered it - this is very well executed! The button alignment options were good, but sometimes you just want to drag things around and this works perfectly. Just wanted to shout it out. :fire: