Duplicating a database

Is there a way to duplicate a database? I created a database and want to create another one (different data) but don’t want to create it from scratch.

Duplicate the space containing the db (i.e. share as template, rename original, import shared template) and then delete any databases in the space you don’t need :slightly_smiling_face:

I get this error. In the case below I’m trying to create another “bug” database named something else. Currently, nothing is named “bug”. I’m assuming this is the initial name of the database?

Cannot rename database

‘Development/Priority_Software Development/bug’ database cannot be renamed to ‘Development2/Priority_Software Development/bug’ database because ‘Development2/Priority_Software Development/bug’ database already exists.

Yeah, seems like there is some sort of internal/initial name in the database. Even when renamed it keeps the initial name.

‘Development/Priority_Development/Database 1’ database cannot be renamed to ‘Development2/Priority_Development/Database 1’ database because ‘Development2/Priority_Development/Database 1’ database already exists.

What were you doing exactly when you got this message?

Here is an example.

  1. Install Software Development Template
  2. Rename space to “Software Development Template 1”
  3. Rename “Bug” database to “Bug1”
  4. Install Software Development Template
  5. Move “Bug” database to space “Software Development Template 1”

Cannot rename database
‘Software Development/Priority_Software Development/bug’ database cannot be renamed to ‘Software Development 1/Priority_Software Development/bug’ database because ‘Software Development 1/Priority_Software Development/bug’ database already exists.