[DONE] Show related users as a relation views

Currently if I relate to Fibery’s users database, it only gives the option for compact view of entities. Can we have the option to view as relation view within the entity? Thanks!

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That’s not what I experience :thinking:

Have you tried choosing Move left (on 2-column layout) or Move below (on 1-column layout)


and/or maybe Display as > Relation Views is needed

I see the problem. When it is one-to-many, this works. But when it is many to many it does not. (Same story with Assignee field btw, which is a many to many I believe). Is this a bug?

OK, right. I can reproduce it now.
Will ask the relevant team to see what’s what

Done July 11 2024 July 11, 2024 / Tabs in desktop apps, Window desktop app