[DONE] Real rich text field in form

I want to use Fibery new forms for bug reports.

However we really value screenshots in bug reports.
I have not found yet a way for the user who submits the bug report to insert a picture in the bug description.

Ideally, in the form, in a “description” field, I’d like to be able to paste an image from clipboard, as if it was the rich text editor on the entity detail

Current form:

Desired field

We use Files - but it’s not ideal.

Yup, the quality of a bug report is really lower because the users (even tech-savy ones) won’t attach as many screenshots and the screenshots are not related to the text in the bug description.

We’ll try to add this in the next several releases.

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Glad to hear it’ll be added, thanks @mdubakov! I came specifically to comment that we will need this once we launch Fibery in our software consultancy in the coming weeks.

Released today

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Excellent :+1:

The 2 ways to add an image are working (copy paste + /insert)

Thanks a lot

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