March 9, 2023 / Nested Documents, πŸ“ Location Field, Invite Users via a link

:nest_with_eggs: Nested Documents

Nested Documents graduated from experimental. With nested docs you can create a hierarchy of documents to organize information more effectively. Here are some use cases:

  • Knowledge Base: Use nested documents to create a knowledge base for your team or company. You can have a top-level document for each category, with sub-documents for specific topics. This makes it easy to find and share information.

  • Customer Support: Use nested documents to create a customer support system and user guides. You can write a user guide for your product as a set of nested documents and make it public via Share Space to web.

  • Notes: Capture notes and other unstructured information in documents. You can transform these notes into real entities such as tasks, projects, bugs, etc. later.

  • Personal To-Do: Manage your personal to-do list in My Space. Create a top-level document named β€œMy To-Do” and create large tasks as nested documents. This way, you can write articles, posts, ideas, and more:

NOTE: Sharing is not working for nested docs so far.

Here is the detailed Nested Documents guide

:round_pushpin: Location Field

New Location field stores location as an address or coordinates, giving you more flexibility in how you manage your data.


You can also extract address parts from the location field using our AddressPart function. This allows you to easily pull out information like country, city, and more. For example, to extract a country from a Location you can create this formula field:


Sometimes you have coordinates that are not linked to any address. In this case you can just store exact coordinates in a location field. Paste coordinates into the field and click Keep as coordinates option.

Here is the more details Location Field user guide.

:call_me_hand: Invite Users to the workspace via unique link

Admins can invite multiple users to the workspace with a simple link, saving time and effort by eliminating the need to add each person manually.


Form View: allow insert images into Rich Text field

Now you can insert Images and Videos into a form with rich text field. It will make some use cases much easier, like bug reporting

AI Assistant improvements

Some more settings were added into commands. Now you can select model (GPT-3.5 by default) and output size in tokens. Sometimes you want to handle large text that is close to 4K limit, so max tokens parameter may be handy.

We are working on chat-like UI right now and some more exciting things…

:shrimp: Fixed Bugs

  • Confusing error when user undeletes views from different spaces
  • Entities created in comment are not linked to parent entity

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