[✔️ DONE] @mentioning & "/" command within Rich Text comments

I just realized that when commenting inline in Rich Text, as far as I can tell, you are only able to write a comment, without addressing to any other user, because the “@mention” does not seem to work in these type of comments. I also do not get any reaction when typing “/”.

I’d like to request that this is added to the functionality of these comments. Without this, it is very hard to call attention to other users to respond to document edits, or provide feedback. Also, the “resolve” feature is there, which is very useful, but it would appear that since there is no @mention capability now, you would be resolving your own comment? This is a bit counter-intuitive as just about all collaborative apps I’ve used with this comment functionality usually “assign” the comment to another user, who then needs to resolve when they address it.

Thanks guys!

This is implemented in latest release


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