[DONE] Complexer Logic in filters

2020-08-28 12_34_50-Backlog By sdsds _ Fibery

Require a more complex filter way (not only “all” or “any”).

The logic behind the screenshot comment is not possible to be used.

IMHO is the JIRA query way great as you can add anything imagineable.

@AndreasHe You can solve this problem using “is any of” filter, like this

We would love the ability to set filter groups, similar to Notion.

This way we can make even better / more specific views which improves productivity.

Same request?

This specific filter can be created using “is any of” operator

Do you have other cases?

“Is any of” is basically only a OR operator on the root level. But we want the ability to group filters, so that we can filter more complex in deeper levels. See screenshot that I shared.

The topic that @Chr1sG shared above is the same as my request, so they can be merged.

Notion already has this feature, that is where my screenshot comes from.


I strongly second this idea since a lot of common use-cases are not covered with the current way to do it:

(Condition A OR Condition B) AND Condition C

Even with De Morgan laws to convert everything in AND or OR, you still need group negations

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Implemented in latest release