April 13, 2023 / Nested filters and color coding, relation sorts

:nesting_dolls: Nested filter groups


Previously, you had to choose whether all filters should be combined with and or with or. For any complex condition involving the combination of two, we suggested creating an auxiliary Formula as a workaround :grimacing:.

With filter groups, you can combine the logical operators in any way you like:

We’ve updated our guide on Filters to reflect the new powers.

:art: Advanced color coding

The same filter groups are now available in color coding as well:

  • :red_circle: Task is due today or is urgent
  • :purple_circle: Owner is Me or Assignees contain Me
  • :green_circle: (MRR > $1000 and WAU > 50) or is target customer

Say adios to workaround Formulas.

:top: Sorts in relation selector


In the previous update, we introduced relation filters to bring dropdown options to a manageable number. Now you can also order the suggested options in a meaningful way.

If you haven’t explored relation filters and sorts yet, now is a great time.

:butterfly: Small improvements

  • Location Field in Rules and Buttons
    We now show Location Field in automation update action, allow clearing them, setting them using Formulas (i.e. copying from other Location Field), asking a user or AI for a value.
  • Custom colors and icons for single- and multi-select options coming via integrations
    Once you sync data into Fibery using integrations, you can pick your own custom colors and icons for select options if they are not present in the source data.

:shrimp: Fixed Bugs

  • View gets unselected after moved to another space
  • Fix dropdown positioning for linked highlight and AI assistant
  • Date picker works unperfect in some browsers
  • It’s impossible to close hint in AI panel via keyboard.
  • Filter is not applied when change filter after “show more” was pressed
  • Wrong path to the view in breadcrumbs in some case
  • Text from OneNote converts to an image when paste it to rich-text

Great stuff! I can use the nested filters straight away :blush: will experiment a bit with the location field functions.

Have a good weekend y’all! :sun_with_face:


I didn’t realize this was a bug, Ctrl+Shift+V was my friend for a long time when moving documentation! Happy to hear it is fixed though. :smiley:

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Awesome release! Thank you.

I’d like to echo the happy sentiments of others here - things like this give the kind of polish and thoughtful ease of use that makes a real difference to usability and everyday usage. It may not feel all that sexy compared to the machine learning features or similar, but it’s stuff like this that adds up to making Fibery awesome overall.

(Now can we please have toggleable quick filters too please, a la JIRA? :wink:)


I would love quick filters so so so so much, makes it hard to work quickly without it + I could easily cut the amount of views I have in half (at least!)

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Agree :sweat_smile: Quick filter and quick sorting (in tables) would be a game changer

I also agree in that quick filters on views would be super welcome. To be able to cut down on views, work more efficiently, and switching perspectives in a workshop or meeting.

I’m not a particular fan of how Notion implemented “quick filtering”.

Jira has the best quick filters that I know of, and they certainly makes it much easier for different team members to work with boards, and helps make it easier to follow shared processes:

  • I’d like predefined filters that a builder can carefully consider, and then name appropriately (e.g. “high prio”) or (“not in current sprint”)
  • user can toggle filters on a view with a single click
  • quick filters that compose (in Jira they are AND:ed, that’s typically what I want), so e.g. user can click filters “high prio” and “not in current sprint”, and get high prio items that are not in current sprint.