[DONE] Collapsible sidebar

I think it would be nice if the sidebar could be entirely collapsed, like it can on many other apps. This gets it out of the way, leaving more room for the content area, and can be especially useful when you have multiple windows on-screen at once.

Specifically in my case I have someone using Zoom and having a meeting agenda in Fibery in view at the same time. They want to have Fibery on one side of their screen, so they can see the agenda and take notes, and they want Zoom on the other side so they can see people they’re talking to. Currently the sidebar is taking up a lot of width unnecessarily in this case, so the Zoom window is smaller than would be ideal.

Also it’s often quicker to navigate using Search, which can make the sidebar unnecessary a lot of the time. So that’s another advantage.


Thanks, Oshyan!
Added to the backlog, will text you if there will be progress :slight_smile:


Would like to see this too, prefer to see full content of app sometimes.


It seems some work is done on this since now when you drag the sidebar width handle beyond a point, it moves arranges the icons into a narrow band (I don’t recall that happening before). However, then it is quite hard to know what you are looking at beyond the app icons.

I am wondering if a flyout model would be more useful in this collapsed state (or something similar):

I am also wondering if we can have a button (or one of the existing sidebar elements) toggle collapsing the sidebar and then restoring it to previous size. If we can have a shortcut key associated with it, that would be icing on the case :slight_smile:


Yeah, these are good ideas. I support all of them. :smiley:

Implementation started

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Thank you so much @mdubakov ! It is going to make using fibery on smaller tablets so much more lovely!

Is there a chance you can also consider Pinning favorites on top of the sidebar?


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