Dec 28, 2023 / Small improvements and bug fixes

We conclude this year with a small release that contains some useful improvements and fixed bugs.

:butterfly: Improvements

Quick theme switcher in the workspace menu

2023-12-28 16.22.48

Emoji picker improvements include keyboard navigation, faster loading time and preview for hovered/focused emoji.
2023-12-28 16.21.15

Some mobile improvements in Inbox include:

  • Show information about the reaction when the reaction button is long-pressed
  • Show the context menu in the inbox by long-pressing on the notification item

:shrimp: Fixed Bugs

  • Whiteboard: when you deleted a relation was deleted forever…
  • Whiteboard: some mess with arrows become better
  • Missing synced database on ‘configure fields’ screen
  • Accounts selects are broken in automations
  • Wrong columns width in Table view generated by AI or installed from template
  • Per entity access: editor can see hidden collection items in activity log

P.S. Happy New Year :partying_face:


Happy 2024 to you all and thanks for all the improvements in 2023! :heart:


Congratulations to the fibery team for such an amazing year :heart:. It has been really fantastic to see how this incredible tool has evolved over the last couple of years. I look forward to more amazing things to come in 2024.

I also wanted to say a special thanks to @Chr1sG and @Matt_Blais for helping all of us out here on the community forum day in and day out. I learn something new every time. Fibery’s support team are very responsive and helpful. But being able to get help directly on the community forum (something other tools don’t actively do) helps to reduce support tickets :crossed_fingers: and builds up an interesting repository of solutions and workarounds for all types of users.


I agree wholeheartedly with Cannibalflea! Congratulations for all the work, I like what you are making (and enjoy to see the process) and I admire you as a team! I wish and believe that good things will come for y’all in 2024! And I look forward to what you will bring to us! Cheers!

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This theme switcher is so smooth. I love that it is so accessible. Great job!

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