[DONE] Canvas View (Whiteboard View) may become the killer feature of Fibery!


It was a pleasant surprise to know that the team is considering implementing Canvas view in future. I was thinking of requesting this but thought this is too big a feature to request this early. However, I think this can be a major value proposition to prospective users and can address a gap in the market while use of various types of canvases is growing.

Sharing here few lists of canvases that are being used by business and product teams:


Miro does have integration with Jira but the native Canvas view implementation within Fibery will be far more useful and efficient.

Canvases can be configured by the user by uploading a background frame image (svg?) and the regions/blocks of the canvas may have an associated query to display certain items only as intended. Items can be dragged-and-dropped or added to the regions/blocks thereby also creating the intended relationships in the underlying domain model between the added/dropped item with the other items or a focal item.



@Shafqat_Ullah We’ve started Canvas View implementation.


Awesome! Will wait patiently!



Looks so good! This is excellent.

For future, do you think the user uploaded image based arbitrary region definition and entity assignments/view is feasible? As I had alluded to in my original post above. I have the idea that it is quite possible using the already available query language.

Entity View will be there for sure, just click on a card open it. I hope we will release something in a month and then iterate.

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Tree List Component

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Can this replce project setp listed as work break down structure , wks , can be conected to task grant chat as template in reports made possible

Miro is an interesting app for certain things but, some aspects are extremely limited. For instance, they have a kanban board, but no way to automatically remove old tasks from the board. You’re stuck either manually copy pasting them to some other board for archiving that grows and gets slow, or, just deleting them.

If you’re tracking 100+ request tickets per month, then the Miro style “kanban lite board” becomes untenable.

Even startups need record retention and the ability to refer to old tasks without fear they have to be deleted.

Edit: I’m talking about Miro’s kanban being untenable, and what I want to say is, yes, this is indeed a killer feature. There are so many possibilities, I am looking forward to it.


Today we’ve released first version of Whiteboard View. So far it can only show hierarchies via Tree Component and you can open entities via double click. We will improve Whiteboard with boxes, arrows, entities and other things based on your feedback.


That’s a great start, @mdubakov!

Looking forward to more diagram possibilities.

I had described a potentially universal solution for any arbitrary canvas type image, which may be tackled in future.

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Second iteration of Whiteboard is live


Hey @mdubakov, good to see this live, and we can now create our own diagrams, fantastic!

My hope is to see soon the ability to turn the diagrams into entities, that is a key feature I am looking for in various apps out there that have mind-mapping, etc. and nobody is offering this. My hope is you guys will be the first!

One other piece that would really be useful to my team - have some ability to configure the diagram to resemble your excellent rows in boards - so a diagram where entities that are rows from that view would be seen as a sort of “layer” in the diagram, perhaps as a visual “wrapper” to the entities that are in that row on the board.

Thanks for this new release, very useful!