Linked Entity Map - I think it would be a game changer

Hi, I just signed up for the private beta and eagerly awaiting the invite! I noticed in your guys’ blog you speak of a multitude of views. I have been looking for a way to keep an up-to-date diagram of my “system,” which is for websites I develop. I’d like to create diagrams of the various components (frontend, mid tier, infrastructure, etc.), but instead of using something like LucidChart or Miro, I’d like to create links to entities, which I have great hopes for with Fibery, then see these take the shape of diagrams. TargetProcess has something like this called Relations Network Diagram, but it seemed underdeveloped. They have a few requests over five years old on their community forum to allow, for example, the ability to save a view. There are some Jira Plugins that offer some limited ability to do this as well based on Jira links among issues.

I am eager to get started here in the forum, so if you already plan this, great! It would be my #1 request if you don’t already, so I hope this post will be useful in case it’s not in production yet.

Cheers and eager to give you guys a try!

Hi, in fact we are working on Canvas View that will do exactly that. This is work in progress and current intermediate result is this:

In 2-3 months I believe we will have a decent tools in Canvas View to build various diagrams with just boxes and arrows or with real Fibery entities as well. Stay tuned!

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