[DONE] Adding rows to rich text tables faster

Just wondered if there is a quick shortcut way to add multiple rows quicker than selecting the row menu and choosing “Add row after”?


I would definitely like to have keyboard shortcuts for Rich Text table operations – at least for “add row after”.

And it would also make sense if after adding a new row, your cursor automatically moved to the first cell in the new row.


Can I suggest the following to easily add a new row to Rich Text tables without requiring the mouse:

If your cursor is currently in the last cell of the last row of a table, then hitting TAB should create a new row below and move the cursor to the first cell in it. In case that is not desired, simply hitting cursor-down would move the cursor out of the table to the content that follows.

This is how Google Docs does it.


Up on this item. Is there a shortcut to add a row?

Not yet, but we have it noted as a potential improvement

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Love the suggestion. +1 It’s really hard to use tables now without keyboard shortcuts.

+1 for me on this too.
For now I’m using a little “trick” to add several rows to the tables:

  1. Click on a cell in the row where you want to add rows after
  2. Click on the context menu button (the three dots on the cell right)
  3. Press the down key on your keyboard to highlight the “Add row after” menu entry
  4. Press the Enter key on the keyboard

Repeat steps 3 and 4 for each row you want to add.
I find this method much faster thant keep clicking with mouse.
This is an example but this works for any operation like “Add row before”, “Add column before” etc.