Does email/IMAP support threading? If not, will it ever?

I’m not able to get the email integration working at the moment, and I don’t find any mention of this in the docs (might want to add this there once answered :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:). So I thought I’d ask here:

Does the email integration support “threading”? (grouping of messages on a single topic/chain of replies) If not, does this mean that e.g. every new reply to an email thread will create a new Entity? This seems rather… non-ideal. For me I think I’d actually prefer if it worked like the Discourse integration currently does, and simply updated the Rich Text field with the full contents of the email thread whenever a new message came in.

If threading is not supported, is there any suggested approach to make it more manageable to deal with email in Fibery?

I’m hoping that this will be solved based on the discussion in “Conversations” for integrations / Email integration and the fact that it is being considered during the Blocks planning and implementation process.

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Hi, @Oshyan

Thanks for asking. We are going to add threading support after blocks implementation in Fibery. Unfortunately no workarounds are coming to my mind as alternative to handle it right now.


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