Difficult to read checked items in checklist

Checked items in the checklist have a strikethrough added, making the text difficult to read.

And later, if strikethrough is added to Fibery, it becomes more difficult to distinguish and read.
Example: ~~This was mistaken text~~

In my case, I’m using a checklist to identify completed tasks.
When I opened the entity to check the history, the contents were hard to read.

Should checked items have strikethrough?
Only checkmarks are active on GitHub or Discourse.

  • To do
  • Done

I would like to have a variety of discussions on this topic.

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Strikethrough of Checked items in Checklists is an extremely common method of indicating “done”. Another option might be to “gray out”/“fade” the text, but strikethrough is much more common in my experience. Do none of the other tools you use have strikethrough for checklists?

You can re-style checked items by injecting CSS into the page - this rule will work:

ol[data-check-list-id] li[state="DONE"] .Item {
    text-decoration: unset;  /* remove strikethrough */
    color: #999;   /* adjust the color */

Looks like this:

Use a browser Add-On like User Javascript and CSS to do this. But it will only affect your own browser.


When I searched, many services that support markdown like seem to have similar discussions.

Actually, I wrote the article because an external collaborator complained of discomfort to me, but it seems difficult to ask that person to inject css.

I wrote the entire detailed specification of the task as a checklist, so it seems that the problem was bigger.

I will change my writing style. Instead of writing the entire document as a checklist, I’ll just checklist the simple stuff.

Thanks for your interest in this discussion!

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I think it makes sense not to write large portions of text as checklist items. But I am curious why you initially decided to do so (even though you are now changing your approach). Perhaps there is some other formatting/feature that could accomplish the goal you had for putting everything under a checkbox?

As one example, which may not apply to your situation, I often use the “folding” capability of Headers to sort of indicate to myself that something no longer needs to be read in-full. This “folded” state does not get saved in the doc so it will not show up for other viewers, I think. But it is really just an example.