Daisy-chaining entities of the same type

Sometimes it’s useful to be able to link entities of the same type together in a sequence a.k.a. daisy-chaining.
Here’s a template showing how you can automatically link items together in a sequence based on their dates.


and here’s a quick video showing how it all works.

Note #1: There are three automations. The second and third are necessary for the situation where an item is removed from the middle of the chain, so you may not need them if that circumstance is not expected to happen.
Note #2: Formulas that are recursive (like the Number formula used in this space) have to be created in two stages because you can’t reference the formula until it exists (with the correct type).
Also, the auto-suggestion won’t offer the field name, so you just need to type it (the red underline will disappear when you’ve typed it correctly).