Cursor-right past the edge in Table view does not cause view to scroll more columns into view

When you go off the right edge of the screen in a Table view by using cursor-right in cell-selection mode, only a single additional column scrolls into view; then the keyboard focus is nowhere.

Hi Matt,
I’m not sure I got the issue. Would you be so kind to record a video?

A video would not really show much, so I will explain in more detail:

Choose any Table View having are at least three columns more than will fit in the window’s current width. So there are some “invisible” columns off the right edge of the window. Mouse-scrolling or using the horizontal scrollbar works as expected.

Start with the left-most columns visible (hidden columns on the right).

Click in any visible cell, then begin hitting right-cursor to move the selection toward the right edge of the Table. As soon as the cursor moves off the right edge of the screen, the keyboard focus is nowhere – you cannot do anything else unless you click somewhere to bring back the focus.

Note that this issue does not exist in the opposite direction; the Table view scrolls as expected if you move off the left visible edge using left-cursor key.

Ah, got it! Was able to reproduce it. Will add a bug to our backlog. Thank you.

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