Ctrl/Cmd-f to find text content in Whiteboard

I couldn’t find any feature request for this, but I only spend a few minutes searching, so please link to existing request if there already is one :slight_smile:

Use case - quickly find my items on whiteboard using built in browser find
I create a Whiteboard with "Note"s and "Card"s for product features to get a quick overview and sort them visually. It is maybe 30-40 items in total.

When I use ctrl-f (the OS default find command) when I am focused in the whiteboard window, it doesn’t match any content in the titles of Cards or the Text in Note.

Instead I had to resort to manually scroll and find the item I was looking for. The browser built-in “find in page” usually highlights item in the browser, or focuses/navigates to it, which I expected and think would have been nice, so I can easily find the item(s) I have added to a Whiteboard.

Also, it was a bit annoying that the Whiteboard’s “Section” shortcut was activated when I did “ctrl-f” on my Windows 10 Chrome browser in the whiteboard. So I tried to find an item, and then when I clicked on the Whiteboard to drag, it added a “Section” element instead (that I never use), that I then have to delete. It happened a couple of times and was a bit confusing and annoying.

Example - trying to find content in whiteboard with browser “find”