Creating a Presence Report

So, I need to organize presence in my company meetings.

I created, in google sheets just to organize myself, a sheet where rows = users and columns = meetings and then each cell gained a color according to the status of that user in the meeting (green = present; light red = informed absent; and darker red = non-informed absent / disconsider black and blue)

On Fibery, I have a users database (all guests) and a meetings database. In every meeting I have there are three relations-field to users (presents, informed absents and non-informed absents).

So, what I wanted to do is generate this sheet I have manually produced in Google Sheets in a report on Fibery! That’s possible right?



I think to create a report like this, we will need an auxiliary database, that stores Users Status - because we don’t have Matrix View and can imitate with Board, I think

But I wonder - why imitate this table in Fibery? And how the report has to look like? Do you meed to see % of accepted and visited meetings? Or smth else?

Hi @Polina_Zenevich

My aim with this report is to have a global view of the presence of people in the meetings. I work with a lot of volunteer people, and I’ve noticed a pattern that when a person has 3 non-informed absents, they are probably going to leave the project…

And to do it manually is quite exhausting. So, since we are always putting this information in Fibery, I thought Fibery could automatically create something like that table.

I’m not sure if I know what is a Matrix View…

Hi again!
I was thinking on your case, and what if instead we could have such a report?

Om a weekly/monthly basis, we can check how many meetings the user attended, and how many not (across the ones he was expected to come)

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You could also use a formula in the report to calculate a running count of uninformed absences (maybe even with a date condition of last three weeks or similar) you could have a chart that shows the users who are increasing in risk of dropping out.

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Hi @Polina_Zenevich ,

That could be really interesting. How was this created? Like what features in which places (column, row…)?

Hi @gomocoop,

Please have a look at this video — hopefully, it helps you set up the report that Polina shared earlier :slight_smile: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom