Create entity to work the same as Link entity

At the moment:

  • “Create entity” inserts a non-editable reference (which will change if you edit referenced entity name)
  • “Link entity” creates a hyperlink to an entity where the text and entity name are unrelated

For me the second behaviour is better as it satisfies the principle of the least surprise. This is based on my perception of the rich text - which I see as a document - and references to entities - which I see as fragments of document related to important concepts stored elsewhere. Entity references are related to fragments of text - but text is not composed of those references. If I’m working on a document and create an entity based on the fragments text I don’t want that text to change when I change the entity name. Content of that document is important to be kept verbatim.

For example - if I have a chat with a customer or a call report from customer demo I might use “Create entity” to create FeatureAsks or Bugs entities based on fragments of text. However - I definitely don’t want a report of customer conversation to change if someone edits those FeatureAsks or Bugs.

However if I decided to use “Insert Entity” command I would be comfortable with inserting a non-editable reference to an entity, as my intention is more clearly for the document to be composed of the reference.