Create entity from selected text or text block

This would probably become easier when text blocks are implemented similar to Obsidian etc.

Anyway, when I select text and want to convert that to a new entity, that is not possible using the button. One would expect that it is possible, and its ectually something I need to do nearly constantly.

Do you mean this functionality? If yes, then it is possible via Cmd + E

2023-06-10 18.31.03

Sorry, I was not clear enough, but what I want is like Obsidian/Logseq (which use block level entities) to select a text block (in the Description field of an entity) and convert that to the description of a new page.

By the way, the new entity title would stay empty to be filled in. This block level entity architecture comes from the idea of the shared second brain. Observing the developments now in such applications, that appears to be the future of collective intelligence in teams (and organizations and networks).

do i know right that you mean the same as note reflactor plugin ?

Yes, the refactor plugin of Obsidian does that, but I would rather take Logseq as example for development because Logseq makes blocks and outlines first-class citizens. You can switch to document mode and hide the bullets but they’re still there in the file.
Obsidian makes plaintext .md markdown files and prose first-class citizens. You can link to blocks and use nested bullet lists, but not as seamlessly and powerfully.