Comment fields and inline comments to be entities with fields (comments database)

Collaboration is heavily dependent on the commenting system. As I see now, Fibery is not yet very focused on collaboration, more on data structure. There are in a few days already a number of my posts about UX and end user workflow issues.

The comment field is currently not a database entity type with fields. Neither are the richt text inline comments. Both comment field and rich text inline comments are currently resulting in isolated items that cannot be organized in a way that I find useful for a team.

What I suggest is to make all comments (fields and inline) fieldable entities. This would allow for a similar configurability as normal database entities. It would allow for lists and tables etc.

related: Please make Whiteboard/Form/etc just fields, not isolated artefacts - #3 by Yuri_BC

Comments in entities is a table in a database (and a separate Entity Type) under the hood, but it is not exposed. We are considering making it first-class entity in fact.