Combine databases (e.g. projects of different groups)

I like to have multiple groups have similar setups like projects and tasks, but each groups has its own group user and content permissions. This means that projects and tasks can only be seen if you are member of that group.

I also want to have a master list of all projects and tasks of all groups, and it should only show those that I am allowed to see.

I can’t see how to create such master list in Fibery since it probably needs combining of databases.
Or, if you can think of another configuration that does not require combining of databases, let me know.

Any suggestions? Thanks!

I just found this feature in dev, about granual permissions…will this be helpful in my case? [IN DEV] Entity-level permissions

Almost certainly, yes, it will address your use case.

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Thank you. This is similar to the need of separate teams or departments in an organization, which often have some similar basic infrastructure (projects, tasks, documents).

Until that is implemented in Fibery, I think it is limited to only single teams, thus not as advertised in for example the blog which assumes its suitable for medium company, while Clickup is much more scalable with finegrained permissions.

There are companies with several hundred employees using Fibery successfully, so I don’t think the current permission capabilities are fundamentally limiting for every case.
Certainly, for companies that want to limit access/visibility within the organization, then the current space-based permissions model may not be ideal.