Fibery use cases seek for solutions

I am a newcomer who migrated from Clickup after exploring Fibery for a week.
The logic differs between Fibery and Clickup.
I do get most of solutions for features I used in Clickup, but cannot find some of the regular featureson Fibery, and I hope they can be resolved.

  1. Link multiple tasks from more than three databases.
    Currently, Relations can only be used to link two databases, not more.
    If there is no way to implement this, is there any method to add a database as collections of multiple databases? The maximum database would have all fields from all databases, though it may lead to performance issues.

  2. An entity can be in multiple databases.
    I have a task that is both a work project and a management problem, so I want to include it in two different databases.

  3. Is there a plan to let admin to set Date type.