Everything in one database

Thought exercise…

So I’m currently at one extreme of the spectrum with many different types all in their own databases.

What would happen at the far other end? If I were to put everything in one master database and filter out into different views from there using tags and such.

How would Fibery perform with let’s say 20,000 entities in the database and idk, 100 columns? It would be related back to itself a bunch and there would be plenty of formulas and automations happening. Views would be filtered down into much more reasonable chunks.

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As a general rule, Fibery performs fine with large databases, but for a given view, rendering will slow down if there are lots of entities to show (and this includes entities that are shown ‘indirectly’ i.e. via relations).

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@Sarah_Arminta AFAIK Fibery still has no paging support, so any view that includes more than a few thousand records will be slow… and after a certain point (depending on your CPU and RAM), completely unusable :roll_eyes:

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