Column autofit in table view

I’m not sure if this would be the appropriate place for it, but I also wouldn’t mind having an Excel-style ‘autofit column width’ button or settings option. I find I spend quite a bit of time resizing columns to get good information density without cutting anything off. You could also combine it with a text wrapping option by selecting a number of lines to wrap and get a really customizable table view. Just some ideas :man_shrugging:

Agreed, please also upvote my request which is similar to what you want:

Will do, thanks!

Hey @Tommy_Hedley and @Dimitri_S , thanks for these suggestions, I am the author of:

and good to see other users with the need for first-class tables in Fibery!

Let’s hope we get some movement on these features soon! I’ve voted for both your requests, feel free to do the same with mine!

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