Table view Description field / Rich Edit fields in Table View

Hey, yes there are some good examples and discussion of exactly that in this other post:

I would like the ability to wrap in the Table view itself, like you can do in Notion, but in particular Coda where you can see the entire contents of multiple Rich Text Fields if you have them in a “Row” in Coda. But a pop-out you could edit inline would be excellent no question!

I also think it would be great comments also got this treatment, it’s a great way to see the latest updates on Entities at a glance, too. That was discussed mainly here:

…just in case there are others who would like this type of functionality and haven’t found those other posts!

I love how it has been implemented in Airtable. So, the adjustable row height would be a great addition instead of wrapping the text. Though wrapping would be cool to have as well.

As per my use case, the first few lines are enough for me in the table view. I would not want to see everything because it would be so overwhelming. It would help me indicate that data are there, quickly view what I have there by just looking at the first few lines. It would also help me in sorting, filtering, searching, etc.


Yes, Airtable’s is a good example as well I think.

I really think if we could inline Edit, there is a ton of benefit, no matter what UI we get for actually seeing the content of the Rich Text. My vote remains the ability to “wrap” like in Notion or Coda so you can see the full context, even if that means you get some very long tables as a result. Since this would be a setting you could turn on and off, the user would be able to switch back and forth.



I am eager for the development of the table view to mirror more “spreadsheet” - like functionality, which is a big feature of Coda, Air Table, even Notion with their db’s. I know you guys have plans here.

In particular I’d like to request that “Rich Text” come online as one of the fields you’d have available in the table. My use for this is to add quickly software development tasks and I need to be able to write in a description, and I’d do this in the “Rich Text” field. Some other elements of this:

  • the “/” available in the table view so I can reference other parts of Fibery while I add these into the table.
  • ability for me/the user to customize whether the row will expand as the text increases. This is a feature of Coda, but not of Notion, and I really like how Coda lets you expand that field so the entirety of a description can be seen when viewing a table, if the user so desires. This is similar to the way Excel works.
  • Pop-out window (a modal) of this Rich Text field for editing. Again this is a nice feature of Coda. This is very useful if you are trying to use this table view to work quickly with the keyboard, which is how I use the view. With Fibery’s already good text editing capabilities, having quick access to an entity’s rich text field would be very useful.

Thanks guys!


I agree that being able to see “Rich Text” content would be really appreciated.
As tables are the only way to actually export our data (except the API integration…), it would be really helpful to be able to export these Rich Text data as well.

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Hi again guys,

I wanted to ask about this again. One way I think you could handle this well in the various table views is how Coda does it, or something similar. The Rich Text field is truncated as a column and does not impact the integrity of the table. However, you have a little “pop out” option that looks like this:

When you click that, you can then access the whole rich text and edit inline. This is super convenient for two reasons:

  • you can see the whole context of whatever’s written in there by basically just moving the mouse;

  • and you can importantly edit it without the need to open the entity and block out the entire rest of the table from view.

You guys recently came out with this “pop out” for the Rich Text column, which is a great addition I might add, so it would be very cool to get that in the tables:

This would also give you an feature that’s in Notion as well as Coda - being able to edit inline subtables. While you definitely have the data model superior to both no question, I am missing the practicality of being able to work within a subtable in an entity, since right now you can’t edit any part of the data displayed in the “connections” area of the entity view from a relation. You do have the ability to freely configure what displays there, that is a huge piece and great start. But without the “second half” ability to inline edit, the feature is not quite complete, I think.

As always, would be great to hear from the Fibery team as to what you think about editing inline.



Yeah, I would also love to be able to see the related items inside an entity as a table not just one-line card views and be editable. Maybe the default view can be what’s now, but with the option to change the view to table or calendar or timeline… almost as normal views, just configure inside the entity.


Jean, hey thanks for the support! That’s exactly right.

In Coda and Notion as I believe you know you can actually customize the “view” of those entities. I think it would be great to have an Entity for a “Master Feature” and then via Extended Relations, get an embedded view of a KanBan board of the Tasks that are being done. You can do this in Notion, but with huge limitations as @mdubakov pointed out in Fibery v. Notion. The main one is that Notion can’t use its Relations Property to Group the Table. There is a lot of talk about this in Reddit, such as here:

And they’ve been getting this request for about 2 yrs and no progress!

So with Fibery if we could do some more basic things with the inline view, like edit, or convert to Kanban, we get all that Notion can offer, while Notion moves along without the great true relational views that Fibery offers.

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This is great idea, I think we will got this road soon. This is a very frequent request, so I hope it will be done in 1-2 months.


Hey Michael, this continues to be something I could really use on a daily basis, would love if you have an update given there is a lot of support for this in the community.

Also, on a related note, do you guys plan to have any additional formatting options in the “Text” small text field? Right now you can’t do any “#” or “@” or “/” activity, and even writing a simple bullet with “shift” + “enter” is not really viable. This would be a good stop-gap solution since you can already see these small “text” fields in Tables.

There is a separate request for this here:

Would really appreciate any guidance as to your guys’ plans on this, thanks!

Hy Fibery team

It is indeed an essential feature for table view. There is no counteridea to be used
It is essential notably to share view to other people not using Fibery internally or externally
Is the feature still in the roadmap?


We are working on Entity and Document sharing, it should be released in 1-2 months.

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Hi, Arthur!
Finally, Document&Entity sharing are here :slight_smile:
You can check the details here

Just want to let you know that I’m also in the queue of waiting for this feature “Enable Rich Text Entity in Table View”. Thanks


This is something that I, too, am very interested. There are a few use cases, the most obvious to me being:

  1. Sharing a table of Story and Description both:
    • With other Fibery users
    • Exporting to CSV/XL to share with non Fibery Users
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Sorry if I missed when this was released, but I just noticed now that you can add “Description” as a column in Table view:

I’m glad to see attention to this need. However, I’d like to still request that the actual text be visible in that field. The solution now allows for you to click that “page” icon and open a window with just a view of the Rich Text field. However, in our case most Rich Text Fields are at the top of an Entity, so this is not really any more helpful than simply clicking “open” at the left of the table.

I had some screenshots in this request that appears to have been deleted:

and the other posts above where I reference the Coda implementation also show some of this.

In summary, I’d still like to be able to read the contents of those Rich Text fields, or at least the beginnings of them via a snippet of text, when viewing them in Table View.

And just for the sake of the newcomers to this thread (thanks for supporting with votes!) of @corey.goss and @sohee, this request would also help this need:

If you could use those smaller fields with more Rich Text options, such as # entity mentions, you’d accomplish something similar.

I do hope you guys are still considering full visibility of the content of Rich Text fields in Table view, as well as in Collections - which is also a requested area.



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Up this topic.

My use case:

  • project entity
  • many fields, connections, etc. inside it
  • 2 important fields for stakeholders: status (red, amber, greed) and status update (rich text field).

If I could do easy to read status dashboard, I tried to create table view and show project | status | status update (text) → but gets very unsable.

Would be sooo nice to be able to read the rich text field context from the table view to satisfy this or similar use case!

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Same here. It feels weird you can preview the textfield and not the description:

Screenshot 2023-05-08 at 19.38.34

Use case
In a table, I want to quickly scan at a glance the content of the description without having to open each row one by one.

A truncated description would be good enough


Related, hoping this will be addressed soon: