CHANGELOG: September 17 / Quick Add and Type Filter in Search

Quick Add

Sometimes you want to create a new entity fast. Now you can do it via Search console. Use Cmd + K to open search console and start typing a name of the new entity. Then select required Type and click Create. For example, see below how to create a new Objective:

Filter by Type in Search

When you have thousands of entities, it is not so easy to find required bug or feature. Now you can filter search results by Type:

No restrictions to create Views with Types from other Apps

Sometimes you need to create a View in App 1 with Types from App B. Now you can do it easily, just select Show Types from all Apps... option in Card config:

Here is the flow:

Create new Entities via Linked Text

When you’re working with feedback, you want to augment meeting notes or interview and quickly create Features, Ideas, etc. Now you can do it using linked text:

Apps Sharing is available for all

Finally you can freely share apps between accounts. Just generate a link and send it to your friend.

Improvements & Fixed bugs

  • Support URL Fields in CSV export and Table View copy-paste
  • The table is getting broken once you add a multi select field to it
  • Duration decimal formula works incorrect

Excellent update! It is great to see Search improved already, among other things. New ways to quickly, easily add Entities from anywhere are also extremely helpful!

  • Is this a share or a copy? (What happens, if the original app changes?)
  • What about it’s content?

I think it works like this:

  • you create a sharing url for the app, and anyone who receives it can recreate (install) the app.
  • if you update the source app, you can choose to update the sharing link to reflect the changes, but anyone who had installed it before the url update is not affected, only users who install the app from the url after the update