[FIXED] Context search does not work for entities of types added to the app

  1. Choose any app.
  2. Create a new type.
  3. Go to the just created table view of the all the entities of this type.
  4. Create new entity, say, ‘test’.

Actual results:
5. Open it and type #te - no results.

You can only see ‘test’ in ‘recents’, but nothing in search. You can also try to start typing the name of the default entity, as it is not in ‘recents’, you will not find it all.

You should be able to find both ‘test’ and ‘A stunning sample entity’ to paste a reference on any of these entities.

  1. It works in the same way for the search panel on the top

Search didn’t index Entities instantaneously. Delay between Entity create/update/delete and reaction in Search is usually under couple of minutes, however it depends on current system load. Would you mind to check if this Entity appears now in Search results?

Hey, thanks for the response. I just checked, and no, still no indexing. It seems like I can reproduce it 100% on any workspace.

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Hi freele,
We’ve found that Search was misconfigured due to pre-rollout of new Search version. So there was quite noticeable chance of not indexing recently created/updated Entities. Issue has bee fixed on Wednesday and all data reindex.

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