CHANGELOG: October 17, 2022 / Relations Reports, reorder Rule actions, restore access Groups

:chart_with_upwards_trend: Relations Reports

Relations (context) Reports are out of beta. You can create them inside any entity and the data will be automatically filtered. For example, you may create a Burn Down Chart for a Sprint and in all Sprint entities you will see a relevant report. Or you may create a CFD diagram that shows Features flow for a Product Area. Here is the CFD for Getting Started Product Area:

:robot: Reorder Rule actions

Now you can reorder actions in automation rules and action buttons via drag and drop:

:butterfly: Improvements

  • Context Views now support nested Hierarchical Lists for self relations so you can visualize Tasks that belong to Tasks that belong to Tasks that belong…
  • Group permissions: restoring an Entity that acted as an access Group, like a Team or a Squad, now also restores its access to Spaces. The same applies for restoring the whole Group Database.

:shrimp: 9 Fixed Bugs

  • Restore doesn’t restore Workflow Extension in one go
  • Documents and whiteboards don’t get restored when restore extensions
  • No message on UI on log in try if user IP is not whitelisted
  • Reports: disable Created By Me filter in reports
  • Js error on switching to User entity view
  • Image/video sometimes is not being inserted in rich-text editor, js error in console
  • It should not be allowed to remove relation via deleting Entities collection
  • ‘Set formula’ setting should not be available for automation button pop-up
  • Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘select’)

Love to see it!

Did I miss something before, or were field descriptions added with this update and are missing in the changelog?