CHANGELOG: October 15 / Smart Folders, Intercom & GitHub Integrations

Smart Folders (beta)

Smart Folders is a way to improve Left menu structure in Fibery. You can show filtered and sorted list of entities in Left menu and create Views inside entities. Here is one quick example where we want to see only active Features and a list of Bugs for every feature:

You can create deeper hierarchies as well and see entities from other apps. Here we show a list of Products and Product Areas inside SoftDev App:

NOTE: There are some known bugs in Smart Folders, but we will fix them soon. Please try them and let us know what do you think.

Intercom & GitHub Integrations (beta)

First integrations are just released, you can try to setup Intercom, GitHub or Trello. GitLab is coming next week. Jira will follow shortly.


We use Intercom ourselves. In Fibery you can aggregate all Conversations, Companies and Contacts from Intercom. Then you can review Conversations and make them actionable: create tasks, link text to ideas, etc. Here is the setup flow:

And here is the fun part where we link request to existing idea:

NOTE: So far OAuth is not implemented for Intercom and authentication can be challenging. Ask us for the help if required.


GitHub integration might be tricky if you want to link Pull Requests to Feature/Bugs/Tasks in Fibery. It is required to use Automatic Relations and set some rules to do that. Here is how we use it in Fibery:

The main idea is to extract User Story Id from Pull Request name and link User Story and Pull Request Types.

Extract User Story Id from Pull Request Name and configuring automatic relation between PR and User Story

These are two fields for Pull Request:

Here is the Id extraction part:

And the relation setup:


  • Use new quick search+create on Whiteboard View

Fixed bugs

  • :shrimp: Adding new row in table rewrites previous rows
  • :shrimp: Adding new rows to the table is buggy
  • Permissions: Hide “Invite People” from People app in menu for non admins
  • Permissions: Contributors and Editors can change View Filter
  • Permissions: Fix UI for read-only rich text
  • Search doesn’t find entities with hyphen (-) in the name
  • Search: cannot navigate to found Entity after App rename
  • Search shows deleted entities
  • Cannot import App with folders (failed commands)

Hey Guys,

Very pleased with Smart Folders so far!

Eagerly anticipated feature, and I don’t think I could have expected more. In particular I’m super impressed on how you can now see children entities from other apps. One of the things I have very high hopes for when you get to Hierarchy View ( more on that below ).

I had a couple of points re: Smart Folders:

  1. Could you provide some information on how these Type Hierarchies generate?

Image 2020-10-19 at 10.46.13 PM.png

In my Fibery I can see them as well, but they don’t seem to exactly line up with my relations.

  1. With the ability to create hierarchies across Apps and Relations between Types, you have created what I think would be a great way to do Hierarchy in Fibery. I think if you could take the breakdowns you already have on the Left Menu with Smart Folders, and create a full-fledged “Full Page” View from those relations, with all the requisite Field Configuration, Filters, etc. you’d have Hierarchy licked! Another suggestion would be to have some kind of Homepage in Fibery to solve the missing Dashboards feature, and have one way to configure the Homepage be with a full-on version of the Smart Folder Hierarchy. So you could see at a glance Features and their child User Stories, then related Development Tasks, QA, Reviews etc. attached that may be in another app where you’re tracking Release Management.

Another great feature of this view is that you have different columns headers depending on the entity that is in a given hierarchy level. Very Powerful. Other apps with more advanced List Views generally can’t handle having varied column headers like this.

Thanks guys and hope to hear back on this feedback!