🧑‍💻 Feature Suggestion: Github Sync Repository Directories, Subdirectories and Files

It would be awesome to sync Repository Directories, Subdirectories, and Files within the Rich Text of an entity for Fibery searchability (ability to search for snippets, endpoints, etc.) and the use of AI.

Ideally, there would be a database for "Directories, “Subdirectories” and “Files”. Files would be related to → Directories/Subdirectories. Whatever code is present in the file could be posted within the Rich Text of itself.

Example of how it can be used with AI:

Fibery Rule: Every hour > [ai] Scan for strings in {{File Code}} that look like a token. Example of tokens: secret_1234x1234x123. [/ai] > Notify Fibery user


Fibery Rule: Upon Modification Date Change > [ai] Summarize the code in {{File Code}} [/ai]


Fibery Button: [ai] List all external fetch endpoints used in {{File Code]] [/ai]


Fibery Button: [ai] Improve the code in {{File Code}} [/ai].

I’m sure there are a plethora of uses.