CHANGELOG: March 10 / Limit Access by IPs, “Link [Collection]” Action, 10 Fixed Bugs

We are slowly getting back to work. Some people are relocating from Belarus, so development speed was not great last two weeks. Here is the first Spring release with some minor improvements.

Limit Access by IPs

Now you can make your Fibery workspace secure by allowing a list of IPs to access it. Navigate to Workspace Settings and find Access Settings section.

Automations: “Link [Collection]” Action

Now you may link existing entities to the parent entity. For example we have a Product with Objectives. You can create a Rule or Action button to link existing Objectives to A Product.

You may select exact Objectives for the rule or setup a formula to link Objectives based on some criteria.

:shrimp: Fixed bugs

  • New option appears in States only after page refresh
  • Board View: Hover area does not coincide with the drop area when moving cards between lanes on the board
  • Board View: Endless loading animation in units if edit workflow right from the board config
  • Permissions: Creator is not able to config Space-level views
  • Permissions: Non-Creators are able to config columns and units on views
  • Entity View / Files: Do not show preview of large images to improve performance
  • Reports: user with edit access cannot edit report after import app
  • Automation: handle Empty fields without errors
  • Rich Edit: Use (# for embeds should work
  • Rich Edit: Problem when copy/paste text within a table

Interesting. Do you have to specify exact IPs or can you use wildcards, e.g. 192.168.1.* ?