CHANGELOG: June 29 / New CSV Import, Sort Rows and Columns in Board, Whiteboard Stickers

:shrimp: Warning

Today some users may lost access to some Apps. We’ve fixed vulnerabilities in permissions, and some non-public Apps (that have Collaborators) became invisible for everyone, except for admins.

As an admin, you can fix this. Navigate to App settings → Access tab → change No Access setting to an appropriate access level.

Migration did not work as intended for some accounts. We’re very sorry for the problem. :bowing_man:‍♂

:avocado: New CSV Import

CSV Import was insanely improved. Now it works much faster and you can import Relations, Single/multi-select Fields, Workflow and even Assignments.

Here is the flow where I import Epics and Features. Note that you should start from the highest hierarchy level, since when you import Features all Epics should be there to set correct relations:

Sort Rows and Columns in Board and Timeline

Now you can sort rows and columns in Board View (and rows in Timeline View). Sometimes you want to set sorting by priority, for example, for Epics or Projects. Open View Settings and find Sort button.

:green_book: Whiteboard: Stickers

Sticker is a new Whiteboard tool. Use it to write clever thoughts or wise remarks.

Whiteboard: Change Text color, Hide Map

Now you can set Text color to add sunshine into your life. Map in the left corner can be distracting, so you can hide it (and show again when required):

New Blog

We’ve migrated from Medium to our own GatsbyJS-powered blog! New articles will still be re-printed in Medium, but this new blog is the single source of news about Fibery now.

Performance and stability

New Cache is added to control memory consumption and prevent crashes. We’ll see how it goes.

Fixed bugs

  • Can’t prioritize entities (rank = null error)
  • Sorting works with numeric formulas as with text
  • Creating entities from document in a checkbox duplicate entities
  • Speed up back-references loading
  • When an entity is mentioned twice in a paragraph, 2 references are created
  • Merge back-references from the same source
  • Problem with Table View scrolling

It’s great that the the import is fixed. In the first hour I signed up and tried to import data got a not so nice feeling when the CSV import didn’t work. I ended up using the API to import most of the stuff before this was ready.

Maybe you can add the functionalities to detect the relationships on the API as well (maybe by our own set foreign key) to not have to do extra API calls to find fibery ids…

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Already tried import csv for importing my old drafts and notes from Simplenote.
Works like a charm!