CHANGELOG: June 1 / Image re-size, performance improvements, bi-directional links preparations

Image re-size

Finally it is possible to resize image in documents and rich edit fields. It will help handle large or vertical images.

We’ve removed automatic image caption that was generated from image file. It was a mess and now you have cleaner pages and documents. Click on image to add a caption.

2020-06-01 10.51.12

Performance fixes

  • Board View should load ~30% faster
  • Some pages with large data volume will not hang the browser tab anymore :crossed_fingers:

Bi-directional links preparations

Bi-directionals links were included into this release, but disabled from UI. We want to see how it works and how stable it is. Rich Edit field was significantly re-worked to trace all changes better. If everything will be smooth, we will enable this functionality next week :crossed_fingers:.

Back references UI is ugly so far, but here is the proof that it is coming:

Fixed Bugs

  • Filter: Error when change dates filter “is after”
  • Filter: Date range filter for multiple Types: comparison with any date leads to “Cannot display filters in visual way”
  • Recent items are not updated on the title change (New Document all the way…)
  • Object Editor doesn’t work AT ALL in Safari <13.1 version
  • App rename errors and problems are fixed :crossed_fingers:

Thanks @mdubakov, exciting to see Highlights coming closer to production, mock-up looks great!!