August 3, 2023 / Make Images and Videos wide in narrow documents, divider block

Today we have a small release with several quality of life improvements.

:whale2: Make Images and Videos wide in narrow documents

In some case you want to make image or video larger in a narrow document to make it more visible. Now you can do it. Just resize image or video and make it as large as you wish.

2023-08-03 16.18.08

:aerial_tramway: Divider block in rich text

Now you can add a divider (line separator) block into documents and rich text fields. Type / and find /Divider command or just use Ctrl + Shift + - shortcut.

2023-08-03 16.22.29

:face_holding_back_tears: Insert :emoji: in rich text (experimental no more)

This feature graduated from experimental features, so you can use it freely in all documents, rich text fields and comments. Put : and start typing the emoji name.

:muscle: Grid View (experimental) improvements

We are working on Grid View to move it our from experimental and replace Table View. There are still things to add. This week we’ve added two things:

  • Color code the whole row when Color is set.
  • Fields actions (edit field, delete field, etc).

NOTE: You may enable Grid View in Settings - Experimental Lab. Your feedback is appreciated, as always.

Files unit improvements

Previously, you could only see the number of files attached to an Entity, but not the names of those files. Now you can display Files as a column in a Table or as a unit on a Board. Hint: download a file by clicking on its name with alt+click.

:shrimp: Fixed Bugs

  • Deleted database is visible in search results
  • Issue with ‘Link’ popup in Callout block and Column
  • Grid View: Icons don’t display in grid view
  • Grid View: No focus should be in grid when user makes click out

Great release!

There are currently a few showstoppers for us regarding the new table grid.

  • We often hide the name columns in several CRM views (contact data, appointments, orders, etc.). So example: in CRM view the name is a formula (first name + last name). In the view we only show columns firstname + last name so user can fill in the information. Currently we are not able to add a new contact because name column is hidden.
  • We are also not able to open a contact because name column is hidden.
  • We really miss the field description (we use them a lot to clarify extra information about the field)
  • We can’t select all entities in a table.
  • And selecting multiple entities is giving us a headache since the checkboxes are gone. When you only need to select a few, then it’s okay. But if you want to select all kind of entities (let’s say: 17 contacts in a list of 200) then often the selection is lost and you need to start all over again.

Further we are really happy with the new table grid. We have a lot of wishes, but the basics are already awesome! :partying_face:

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Resizing images in narrow docs are very useful for wiki, thanks for that!

The ctrl+shift+- shortcut overrides core browser “Zoom out command” shortcut, on Windows Chrome, Firefox, and Edge (haven’t tested other browsers).

Zoom in and out in browsers is an everyday operation to me, depending on my home/work monitor, or if I’ve switched to laptop only, and sometimes if I’m feeling a bit tired, or if I need more real estate to compare some documents.

Adding to my frustration/confusion, I can zoom in and out fine in views (since that keyboard shortcut is not captured there), but in rich text, one of the zoom commands confusingly inserts a Divider. I see other users would be confused here as well.

Additionally, I would super appreciate if you are extra mindful before claiming common browser/OS/application keyboard shortcut commands that has widespread use. Once an application has claimed a shortcut that overlaps with a shortcut a user is already using for another concern, it’s not much as a user I can do about it. Common built-in browser shortcuts seems extra relevant here. Thanks!

Just want to say a few things I appreciate with the new emoji shortcuts:

  • They are not invoked when using a inline block like :command. I’ve had issues with other platforms and emoji’s when I write technical docs were emojis would get invoked as I document a command starting with : which was quite frustrating. I didn’t get that in Fibery, so I’m happy about that.

  • They work in headings and Table of contents. That’s can be helpful for structuring navigation in long documents.

  • They don’t interrupt me typing. I sometimes get the smiley-emojis like :) inserted as :slight_smile: when I didn’t intend to, and was a bit hesitant it would become an issue as more emojis were added, but you considered that already. For me your choice here fit me well.

The emoji names: is there some standard for emoji names? That your implementation/library also adheres to? Curious to what degree my “Fibery emoji knowledge” is transferable to other platforms… :wink:


I should note that this shortcut added divider starting from 2018 in Fibery and nobody noticed :slight_smile: It is a standard thing in ProseMirror, so we just added a command into / menu to make it discoverable.

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Aha! I guess this is an edge case then, and I just discovered why zoom out never worked for me.

So to work around browser zoom out not being supported, I would need to remember I have to move the focus from rich text input. That’s just very confusing and I don’t think I can ask users to remember this.

Can we just not interfere with the browser zoom command at all? Remove the existing Divider shortcut or change it, if we really need one.

I guess in the end, it’s about if we need a shortcut for Divider command more than we need a shortcut for browser zoom in/out. To me, browser zoom in/out consistently working across my browser applications is the definite winner here.

You don’t need the shift. Ctrl + - works fine for ‘zoom out’ (for me at least)

You’re right, for me as well. I guess I had the wrong shortcut memorized.

I guess browser zoom in/out works fine then. Maybe I confused the shift, or maybe I just add shift sometimes when I didn’t need to.

I still dislike a keyboard shortcut that hogs ctrl+shift+- for an rather niche command like Divider, but that’s my personal opinion and since I don’t have a conflicting shortcut myself right now, feels like maybe not that important.

I’ll retract my specific feedback for the shortcut choice here. Thanks for the feedback!

Hi, Yvette!

I’ve very much appreciated the feedback, and we will address it for sure.

I’m here to give advice that selecting all rows should be possible with Cmd/Ctrl+A hotkey. It’s definitely not super-intuitive, but it could help you now.

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Just to clarify - the shortcut for adding a divider is actually Ctrl + _ (i.e. Ctrl key and underscore) but because a lot of keyboards generate an underscore by pressing Shift + - it is typically easier to explain as Ctrl + Shift + -

However if, for example, you had a French AZERTY keyboard layout, then generating - and _ would require pressing the keys that are used for 6 and 8 in a US keyboard layout.
So zoom out is like pressing Ctrl + 6 and divider is like pressing Ctrl + 8

A lot of browsers do support Ctrl + _ to be used for zoom (in addition to Ctrl + -) but it won’t work if something else overrides it, as you discovered.

Unfortunately, the issues with keyboard layout and shortcuts are a PITA.
For example, I cannot use the Fibery rich-text shortcuts for applying heading levels H2, H3 and H4 (Ctrl + Alt + 2, Ctrl + Alt + 3, Ctrl + Alt + 4) because I have a keyboard layout where Alt + 2/3/4 are already occupied.

TLDR, to paraphrase Lincoln
‘You can please some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not please all of the people all of the time.’

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Yep, we use native Apple emojis on iOS and macOS and slightly less beautiful Twemoji on non-Apple devices for a smoother cross-platform collaboration.

About the shortcut hotkey, why dont we have an option to set own hotkey for navigation
I’d love to set hotkey for bullet points, checkbox, or even some kind of command by frequently cases. also the outliner of checkbox mixing with number lists or bullets point currently display not right in some case

Another fantastic release!

As an FYI, I see lots of relationship errors when using the grid for large copy/paste, but guess you are aware of that.

Have a great weekend, L

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You fixed another issue too that makes a big difference. Everytime I would tab from Name to Description (the two automatic columns) it would “stick” in the description field and I had to click another area and come back or refresh that page. Now it’s working and much easier.

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I’m surprised that the *** markdown shortcut for a separator was not added. I think the rest of MD is pretty well supported… :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

Regardless, great refinements! Thanks a lot!

(Edit was a typo fix)

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Do we have issue when using hotkey for Divider ?
I’m using Opera One browser and when I press “Ctrl Shift -”, sometimes it works, sometime it freezes, and I need to reload to be normal