CHANGELOG: February 18 / Mention people in the inline comments, text highlights, bug fixes

Mentions in the inline comments

We’ve eliminated comments inconsistency and you can mention and notify users in the inline comments as well. It works in all documents and rich edit fields:


Text highlights

Now you can select text in any rich edit area and highlight it with some calm color. Use it wisely.


Fixed bugs

  • Formula is not updated when field name and formula changed simultaneously
  • Non-creator can edit Filters on a View
  • Error in attempt to rename untitled entity in Smart Folder
  • When dupilcating a View, the duplicate should appear in the same Folder

Hooray! These “quality of life” features can make a bit impact on user experience. I did not expect highlighting to come, but I am glad that it did! Personally I use it a lot for certain kinds of work. :slight_smile:

Agree with @Oshyan really appreciate the incremental small updates. I actually created an app to track improvements I want to make to my apps and things I would love to see in Fibery. I was really happy to move highlighting into the done category :slight_smile:

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Hah, I track features I want in apps I use too. What other tools do you have feature lists for? I have Amazing Marvin, Roam, Obsidian, Notion, Quip, and Anytype, and probably a few more that I don’t actively use anymore.

And @anayericov just wish we could see such a clearly visible list as you guys maintain privately, of what was coming in Fibery, too :slight_smile: The board seems to be getting fragmented again with a lot of unanswered requests, unclear timelines for delivery, etc. Agreed it’s nice to be able to rely on new stuff once a week, getting useful again with highlighting and recently Entity History. But I could definitely use much more info about what’s upcoming, since Fibery continues to miss a lot of big basics.

Especially given the recent comparisons with Product Board and, I wonder if the team is considering one of those tools’ big features of a public-facing idea collection board that connects directly inside Fibery? Without this, Fibery is missing a big piece many users of those tools are going to want, I think. But my point is it would be great to see that being used by Fibery itself! I know it’s unlikely since the idea of a public board has been shot down.

I continue to contend though, that the fragmented way feedback is given here in Discourse, and resulting lack of transparency to the community - who has to guess as to prioritization by looking at hearts, etc. is a really poor way to conduct feedback management and roadmap transparency to users.


@B_Sp We post our work in progress in Twitter quite often. Here is the current list of the WIP:

:yarn: Hierarchical Lists (close, ~1-2 weeks)
:crossed_fingers: Documents and Entities sharing (~3 weeks)
:fairy:t2:‍♀ Automations (Actions and Rules) (~2 months)
:tornado: Undelete (on hold, waiting for audit log)
:older_woman: Full Audit Log (~3 weeks)
:clapper: Insert Video into rich edit field & documents (~1 week)
:dna: Convert entities from one Type to another + Duplicate entity (~2 weeks)
:crayon: Zendesk Integration (~3 weeks)

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Michael, yes I am well aware of your WIP posts in Twitter and you know me and how closely I follow all you guys publish about the roadmap. But you have continued inconsistencies between what you declare you are working on, and this community.

One example is this post:

It is marked “in dev” which would lead you to believe you are working on it. I have not seen this feature (Better Indexing in Search) mentioned in any blog, Twitter, Reddit, anywhere.

Likewise, you guys are now working on Zendesk integration, but that hasn’t been brought up once in the community. On your Vizydrop feature board, it has 5 votes, not even in the top 50.

So when you publish a WIP that includes items never before seen here, yet continue to maintain an item with a lot of support here “in dev” but never seen in WIP, that’s inconsistent. This is my point up the thread, and I think these facts back that up.

It’s your company and you can run your roadmap any way you want. But you say frequently that you are very transparent and keep user requests at a top priority. There are a lot of instances when I think you don’t do that, like this one, and I’ve pointed them out. Is that demanding or complaining?

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@B_Sp Indeed there is no sync between our real wip and this community. Sometimes we start things, like Full Text Search, but then stop them for various reasons, but don’t update it here. It happens not so often, I think there are maybe 2-5 such things. I’ll fix that.

As for ZenDesk, it is aligned with our Product Companies focus. Feedback management is one of the strong part of Fibery and various product companies use various tools for feedback collection. Intercom is the most popular, Zendesk is second and HubSpot is third. So after Zendesk we’ll add HubSpot integration in fact.

The total number of votes is irrelevant, since they come from ALL niches, but our focus on Product Companies niche in the next few months, so we are focusing on that.

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@mdubakov Sorry for stealing just thats note about Zendesk here. But I’m exploring fibery to replace many a few tools right now. I’m wondering if most of the Bugtracker like Zendesk, Freshdesk, Freshservice. Jira Service desk and so on are “connected” already trough integromat or Zapier.

Can you elaborate a bit what the benefits are for a native Integration of them?

Sure, these services are connected to Fibery via Integromat and Zapier. However, most people don’t want to pay for another tool. For example, for Zapier it can be easily $200+ per month. Moreover, it is much harder to setup, our own connectors are super easy to setup.

OK, totally understand the price discussion, but $200 compared with manual Work? But I might live in a different world. I see many small startups using Fibery, at least the once being super proactive here, It’s the nature of small companies. For them this can be a huge invest. I’ts nice to see your guys try to make them happy.
I was expecting that a native integration might bring some benefits on top of the “easier to setup” and a “price point”. I.e. fully integrated in collaboration with the Integrated system like seeing a cross linked status in Zendesk from Fibery and vice versa. Not that I’m pushing for, was just the expectation behind the question :wink:

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