CHANGELOG: December 9 / Automatically generate entity Name, Convert Numbers and Dates to Text, Braintree and Discourse integration

Finally, a decent release.

Automatically generate entity Name using a text formula

Sometimes you don’t want to set entity Name manually, but assemble it from several other fields. For example, for an Interview, you want to have a Name that consists of Contact Name and Interview Date.

There is a special action for an entity “Generate Name using Formula”. Click … in entity view and find it. Here is the flow:

2020-12-09 15.35.08

Note: When you create a formula for Name, it will update all entities of this Type, so be careful.

You can convert the auto-generated Name field back to a usual Text field if you want.

Formulas: Convert Numbers and Dates to Text

If formulas you can finally convert Numbers and Dates into Text. Here are some examples:

Number → Text


Date → Text

ToText([Creation Date])2020-12-04 11:27:14

ToText(Day([Creation Date])) + " " + MonthName([Creation Date]) + " " + ToText(Year([Creation Date]))21 July 2020

Move Documents and Views between Apps via drag and drop

Now you can move Views, Documents and Whiteboards between different Apps. It simplifies Apps reorganization and evolution. Less stupid restrictions.

2020-12-09 17.52.15

Braintree Integration

Now you can aggregate all payment information in Fibery. Braintree integration exports plans, subscriptions and transactions. We use this to link payments to Fibery accounts, thus we can quickly calculate MRR, see canceled subscriptions and missing transactions right in Fibery

Discourse Integration

Discourse is a popular tool for community forums and it is used by many product development companies. Now you can fetch all conversations into Fibery, highlight important ideas, and link them to real Ideas, Features, and Bugs. Here is the flow:

:shrimp: Fixed Bugs

  • Show long Field names on Entity View
  • Can’t create self-reference if Type has s in the end
  • JS error in console when edit to-many relation
  • Entity View: Undo works oddly for rich text that is out of focus
  • Can’t add new values to multi-select field when no values were created initially
  • Permissions: Non-creator can create a new Field from Table View
  • Unable to compare Email and Text Fields in auto-linking rules
  • Calendar View: can’t drag and move entity to change end date
  • Left menu: Views duplication sometimes does not work
  • Formulas: Text formula functions do not work with URL/Email Fields

Braintree integration is really cool! Can you do something like this for Paddle? :slight_smile: We added manually the plans and use your API to update subscriptions and customers, but it’s not that great. Having a direct integration with Paddle will be amazing

@Jean In fact we are releasing public API for Integrations (in beta), if you are willing to create this integration with our help, that would be great. What do you think?

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