Fibery as habit tracker?

Are the habits things that you want to repeat on the same timescale (e.g. once a day)?
Are you more interested in ‘keeping count’ record-keeping, or in being provided with reminders?
I think there are already apps for habit tracking, so is there a reason why you want to use Fibery for this?

Hi Chris,
These are good questions. All I like to do is to keep track of my key habits within fibery. Unlike many I am trying to explore fibery as a personal productivity all in one tool. Therefore I would prefer to keep habits in fibery too. I would only need to do it for record keeping no reminders required. I could keep track of the habits in a google sheets and have fibery to report from it. However, wanted to understand if anyone achieved habit tracking within fibery or not.
Does this make sense?

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Interesting! I have actually considered trying to make Fibery my personal knowledge management and productivity tool as well! I think it is a bit early to try to do it successfully, at least for me, but I’m glad to know I’m not the only one thinking about it.

The issue I saw when trying to create a habit tracker was that it becomes a bit complicated in Fibery I think. Totally doable, but possibly more annoying to setup and maintain than desired. How are you doing it so far?

I saw two possible ways. Either create a generic “Habit” Type and try to get appropriate info in with single-select to differentiate habit type (and create 1 new Entity of each habit per week perhaps). Or create a different Type for every habit, and then you can select dates easier, and filter easier, maybe display on a timeline, but it requires more complex setup (separate type for every habit).

But tracking instances of simple things (e.g. “done/not done”) over the long-term just takes more effort in Fibery it seems to me. What are your current solutions?

Hi Oshyan,
Thanks for your response. It is encouraging that I am no the only one “non-team” person that is trying to see if fibery can do the trick. I am a big fan of the idea to keep most of what you do to mange life in one tool => so I was naturally drawn to Notion and tried to make August Bradley’s notion set up work for me. After spending many hours with his set up I think it can work… it is just super complex to a degree when it becomes almost a black box (at least for me) of trying to make all the different connections between the many moving parts work. I tried other things like airtable, coda and even checkout out that Infinity tool (which turned out to be nothing more than isolated trello boards married with airtable functionality but no way of connecting elements across multiple boards). My set is so far that I want to use for both my business (I work at a company that buys software companies so there is a M&A aspect, I have to oversee portfolio companies), my private life, and an upcoming content part (business-related). So it has - in line with August’s Pillar-Pipeline–Vault frame) a planning component (Pillars), an execution component (Pipelines), a knowledge management part (Vaults). In the pipeline part I would like to have some habit tracking with the habits connected to multiple elements in the Pillars (e.g. habits that improve my health or that ensuring I am growing as an individual).

See a sketch of my current thinking. I agree that fibery lacks a number of things that other personal productivity software have such as a desktop or mobile app and I find the storage limitations quite… well limiting assuming I will also store some documents in it. However, I do like the possibility to strongly connect the apps between each other, I like the links between text through tags (something I would only get from note taking tools like Obsidian). Think I like to see if fibery can address all my requirements in the best possible way. I am saying this because I think for the foreseeable future, the fibery will focus development in making the across-the-chasm jump for product teams. While this clearly means that stuff like desktop or mobile apps will not happen anytime soon, I would be ok to sacrifice things like that if I could make my general set up work AND the product team focus helps the company to match burn rate with MRR. No use if we all invest time and effort if the company doesn’t survive the next couple of years… however, I am positive that they will survive… pretty much like their view on things!

So coming back to the initial habit tracker discussion. I didn’t try out anything yet but will experiment with your ideas over Eastern to see how it fits into my set up.


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If you only need to log events (occasions when you have carried out something habitual) then you might want to have a type for the habits, and a type for the events (with a date/time executed field). You can make a relation between them (one habit to many events) and then create an Action button (for the habit type) that creates a new linked event whenever it is pressed.
The button can set the value of the ‘date/time executed’ field on creation of the event to be the current time, but you can always manually change the value, e.g. if you’re logging something that happened a while ago.

You can of course use the reporting features in fibery to review historical habit event data.

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Interesting! I have actually considered trying to make Fibery my personal knowledge management and productivity tool as well! I think it is a bit early to try to do it successfully, at least for me, but I’m glad to know I’m not the only one thinking about it.

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Chris, thanks. I think this is a great suggestion, will experiment with this. Like the iidea of the button really.

You’re welcome. If you end up needing help with action buttons, let me know :slight_smile: I might be able to draft some simple code for you.
Having said that, it might turn out that a the fibery team deliver a native no-code solution before too long :slight_smile:

Hey Chris,
Your response is godsent! Actually, I tried to teach myself how to apply some code in the button but failed miserably. Below is the standard code and how the event typ looks like. Any help with the code definitely appreciated (and needed!).

// Developer reference is at Fibery API

// Fibery API is used to retrieve and update entities
const fibery = context.getService(‘fibery’);

// affected entities are stored in args.currentEntities;
// to support batch actions they always come in an array
for (const entity of args.currentEntities) {
// an entity contains all fields apart from collections;
// to access a field refer to it by its UI name
const creationDate = entity[‘Creation Date’];

// to get collection fields query the API and provide the list of fields
const entityWithExtraFields = await fibery.getEntityById(entity.type,, ['Assignees', 'Files']);

// to update an entity provide an object with the new values
await fibery.updateEntity(entity.type,, {
    // 'Field Name': newValue


// HTTP allows to send requests to external services
const http = context.getService(‘http’);

await http.postAsync(‘Slack API | Slack’, {
body: {
text: ‘Successful success!’
headers: { ‘Content-type’: ‘application/json’ }

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Hi Marc,
Based on your setup (as best I can understand it) you could try the following in an action button for the Habit type:

const fibery = context.getService('fibery')

const newEvent = await fibery.createEntity("Pipelines/Event", { "Date and time": new Date()})

for (const entity of args.currentEntities) {
    await fibery.addCollectionItem(entity.type,, "Events", newEvent.Id)

However, I would perhaps first recommend that you make the relation between Habit and Event a one-to-many relation (since I assume that an event can only be associated with one habit, right?).

The above code requires that you have a date+time field for the Event type (called ‘Date and time’) and it sets this field for the new Event to the current time when the button is pressed.

Also, there’s a nice trick to use a formula for the name of the Event entity, so that they are automatically called something meaningful. You could, for example, use the following:

Habit.Name + " : " + ToText([Date and time])

and in that way, each Event will be named according to it’s parent Habit and the value of the ‘Date and time’ field (in UTC unfortunately).

As I mentioned earlier, you can of course manually update the date+time field after creation.

Hope that helps somewhat.

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…and you can get easy reporting, showing in my case that I need to pay more attention to my teeth than I do to my car :slight_smile:

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Hi Chris,
Awesome… I could make the connection work to enter an event but the thing with the name didnt work yet. So the even gets added without the name.

I probably didnt embedd your code at the right place:

Any suggestion what I need to change? (sorry about all the questions… I am clearly no coder ;o)

Sorry, I suppose I could have been clearer.
Have a look at this, which I hope will explain where the name formula code needs to go.

For the action button, you only need the first block of code I wrote (and you can delete all the example code that is present when an action button is created).

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Chris, thanks I watched this multiple times… honestly still have issues where to fit your code snipped in. Can you give me another hint please?

Go to the Event type definition and click the triple dots next to Name field. Choose ‘Generate name using formula’ and then paste the single line of code

Habit.Name + " : " + ToText([Date and time])

in the formula box.

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Awesome Chris, now it worked!!!
Thank you so much!

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You’re welcome :+1:

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