[✔️ DONE] The Release Issue

We have a relation like
product <-> release(s)
product installation <-> release

… But the issue is a release is a product related thing (every product has its own release numbers) as it must be possible to see which changes for a product are in a release.

And now when selecting the release from a dropdown, it only shows e.g. “1.4.0” but no product information.

Has someone an idea how to create real product related releases (but not an new model for each of them) or filter them in dropdowns to show only such fitting to the product?

2020-07-13 20_33_21-A nice sample entity 🚒 — Product Installation _ Fibery

Can you post an image of your domain from App screen? I think we do have a solution, but want to understand the problem better. In general Fibery auto-filter selectors of there is some kind of hierarchy. For example, if Product Installation is related to Product, then you should be able to select a Product first and then you will see Releases related to this product only.

Sound good:

I think for a task it will be the same issue then; must also be assigned to a product related release. The other thing I am thinking about is, what happens if release will just be a number, nothing more and when displaying releases of products using a filter. What is your opinion? How do other people solve that having more than one product?

One workaround is to just include Product name into each release name, like Cool Product 1.0, Cool Product 1.1, etc.
It should be done manually so far, but in nearest future it will be possible to use text formula for Name, so you will be able to combine release name automatically like Concatenate(Product.Name, Version)
NOTE: Version will be a field inside Release. I hope we will implement this in 1-2 weeks.

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Oh, yes I had the same thoughts regarding the name (ID) field - that might be a solution! So I think then the best way is for now to import my data to a release like

  • name <product+version>
  • version
  • product

and hopefully when this feature exists, I will be able to convert the name field.

A general idea for your backlog might also be to set a filter to such dropdown in depended to context like another fields value and/or displaying in dropdown additional values (like the product).

In total I think this situation comes up to all people developing more than one product.

Oh one more thing: as a product name might be very long, it can be very useful beeing able to do something like:

name = product.shortname + version

… so a subfield of product (holding e.g. “SBS” for “Super Backend Server”) what leads then to:
“SBS 1.4.0”

Is there a workaround for concatenated fields right now?

I can do for example:

Upper(Product.ShortName) + "-" + [Public Id]

We have released Automatic Name generation using formulas today, so you might solve your problem better now