Can you create conditional drop-down lists in Fibery


Is it possible to create a conditional drop-down list in Fibery?

E.g. List A has 5 values, and selecting one of those values will determine the list of values presented in a second select column. And choosing a value in the second column would also determine the list of available select values in a third column.

This is a critical use case for me, before I commit to using Fibery. Thank you in advance for any help you can offer. If this is not possible, please let me know that as well.

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It is possible to created ‘suggestion dropdowns’ but not enforced dependent dropdowns.
In other words, choosing an item from List A will mean that when the user comes to choosing an item from List B, the suggested items will be dependent on what is chosen from List A, but the user is not restricted from choosing something that was not suggested, and can choose to ‘Show other … items’:


@Chr1sG - thank you for the response. Appreciate the detailed feedback.

hi @Chr1sG newbie here. how do we create this conditional drop-down? :slight_smile:

Sorry, missed your question! :sob:

Here is an article about it :sparkling_heart: