Can we add these tags to this community forum?

Hi @moderators,

The current list of tags in this forum is nice, but we might want to have some more.

I’m suggesting to use this post for us community members to be able to suggest additional tags to be added.

To get things started, I would suggest the following ones:

  1. #integration-slack
  2. #low-hanging-fruit (or similar) to indicate presumable quick fixes or changes that yield disproportionately high benefit
  3. #emoji


Speaking as someone who gets an insider’s view of Fibery, I am always amazed at how often I am wrong when I assume something is ‘low-hanging fruit’.
For example, I requested this ages ago (before I worked for Fibery) and although I knew it might not be that popular (as evidenced by zero votes :wink:) I thought to myself “How hard can that be?”
I now know that the answer is “Actually, surprisingly hard”.

I wouldn’t like for this forum to have a ‘low hanging fruit’ tag, because I think it would only serve to give users the impression that Fibery PdM/developers appear to be ignoring ‘easy-wins’.

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Indeed interesting that with Average and Sum in place, Product or a more generic mapping function is complex. :slight_smile:

That said, I understand the concern and I don’t think that PM/POs ignore easy wins. As said, the tag would be for me based on the presumption of it being a quick win.
And I trust that a conversation about why something might not be a quick win in this forum of users and Fibery product folks would actually be fruitful for all as we’ll understand the product better and your team will understand the users better?

I like Fibery’s build in the open approach, this is just another avenue for us to engage and be part of the journey. :slightly_smiling_face:

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What would be really helpful in my opinion is feedback of Fibery’s team after an idea is post.

  • is it a known insight/feature request or new one?
  • are there plans to fix it or not?
  • is it low hanging fruit or complex stuff?

And would be awesome to have an up to date roadmap board.

The ‘Next’ and ‘Ready for Dev’ columns are often not filled. And therefor you don’t know what will come next :blush:

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