Bulk convert imported Markdown 'Documents' into entities

I used this import feature:

But that results in the markdown files to be Fibery Documents, not entities.

  • Is there a straightforward way to bulk-convert these Documents into database entities?
  • Maybe create a custom integration?
  • If not, what would be a GraphQL snippet look like that does that?

BTW I think there is already a feature request to improve Markdown import.

Did anyone accomplish something similar (fetching stand alone documents in a space) with a script?

about markdown, do you have any way to fix the current outliner markdown seem not work properly ?

Why don’t you combine the source files and use the CSV import to get them directly into Fibery as entities?

If you have a specific problem with markdown, it’s probably best to start a new thread (or contribute to an existing one that covers your question)

I like to regularly import complete Google Drive folders with Google Docs in it, and convert these to entities, without having to do a complicated extra step in between; the Google export conversion to MD is already an extra step.

Have you thought of using a third party tool, e.g. Zapier, Make or Ply?