Retrieve human readable links in markdown export of entity's rich text field

When using to GraphQL to retrieve the markdown of the description of an entity (e.g. using below query), then links to other entities and documents are returned like this: [[#^788eb3a1-cb34-11ee-b93c-e3fb98882f13/940d3c20-f17f-11ee-81f5-5772954973c7]]. Is there a way I can get the name of the link in the markdown too?

When I do an export of a workspace, the markdown of documents contains links like [[view: Title of the document]]. I think that would be more useful to me. I intend to use the markdown in a document store for an ai agent.

{findMyEntityTypes {
  description {
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Same for the print to pdf automation action.

It was be a huge improvement if it showed like you are suggesting. We had to stop mentioning entities in our meeting rich-text because that long database/entity ID makes the meeting minutes pdf unreadable